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Full day Charter

Island Hoping

  • Praslin
  • Visiting the world heritage site, the Vallee de Mai
  • Anse source d’Argent la Digue

Trip around Mahe

Includes the following

  • BBQ Therese Island, snorkeling Marine Park
  • Full day fishing trip
  • Full day trip to Coco, Sister and Felicite Island

or :

  • Combined Fishing and snorkeling experience
  • Fishing in the morning Lunch after snorkelling in the nice Bay

Half day Charter


  • Half day in marina Park snorkelling with fish feeding
  • Half day Fishing
  • Sunset Cruise

Night Service

We do all the inner Island of Seychelles till Bird & Denis depending on how many days onboard the yacht.We also do fishing, snorkelling with visits to islands like Silhouette, North Island and Fregate. BBQ at Curieuse Island is also included. We also provide a 5 day Honeymoon on board for the newly weds.Transfer from island to island is also provided.

We are very flexible with customising your itinerary for your Holliday, so please contact us for further information.

Seychelles boat charter

Know before you Go!

We are passionate about what we do. We have over 10 years and the highest standard is our priority while at sea.

Depending on your choice and season, we offer a variety of the additional attractions such as the famous creole BBQ, fishing, snorkeling and more.

Leave it to us. Our service we will make your cruise an enjoyable one. Delicious and tropical tastes at your fingertips. Lunch and dinner options available depending on your itinerary.

We sail to mostly of Seychelles beautiful islands such as Praslin, La Digue, Denis Island, Bird Island, Silhouette, Fregate Island, North Island, Curieuse and Coco Island.

seychelles boat charters

Our clients are important

We are open for our customers and each one is treated individually, so our aim is to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction.

That is why we make every effort to ensure that our boats were in the highest quality and ensure the safety of all their passengers.

Enjoy your holidays!

Charter one of our luxurious yachts in the Seychelles and find out why this archipelago of tropical islands is known as “Another World”. Since most of the islands are outside the cyclone, Seychelles’ crystalline waters offer nautical experience for life.